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0912 Supporting TIF Surplus Funds to Chicago Public Schools

September 1, 2016

Mayor Rahm Emanuel
CC: City Council Members

RE: TIF Surplus Funds

Mayor Emanuel,

As members of the Chicago delegation, we are writing to urge further action on the Chicago Public Schools fiscal crisis as we prepare to start the school year this fall. We have worked collaboratively with CPS administration in order to do our part in securing greater funding for CPS this year. As a result of this advocacy, we succeeded in obtaining $450M in additional revenue for CPS schools, and are continuously working in order to assure that our children receive an education that is to the highest degree possible. We will continue to work towards this goal, and we are asking you to do everything within your power to provide greater funding for our neighborhood schools.

As such, we are asking that the City Council support allocating all available surplus TIF funding to our public schools. We urge you to support Chicago Public Education Revitalization Ordinance, which would release necessary TIF surplus funds, upwards of $460 million for FY16. We also ask Council Members to use their discretion as appropriate to shift funds to struggling schools in their community.

We are committed to working together to provide the resources our students need to succeed and to ensure equitable funding for CPS schools. Our families deserve answers and a plan to move our schools forward. As their representatives, we are engaged and ready to work with you to avert a disaster in the short term and move CPS toward fiscal stability in the long term.

We hope that you will stand with us as we continue to fight for our schools by ensuring that every available resource be directed to our schools.

Ann M. Williams
State Representative- 11th District

Will Guzzardi
State Representative- District

Jaime Andrade
State Representative- District

Barbara Flynn Currie
State Representative- District