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Statement on Governor's CPS Proposal

Todayís proposal for a state takeover of Chicago Public Schools marks the latest move in the ongoing political blame game surrounding the districtís financial crisis. Governor Rauner and Republican leadership are proposing to allow a state takeover and permit the district to file for bankruptcy. This is little more than an attempt to score political points, and a distraction from the very real issues at hand.

Unfortunately, the Governor is not alone in what has become a game of political ping pong, as both the Governor and CPS continue to lob attacks and assess blame, rather than actually working toward a solution. The stakes are simply too high to continue this hollow rhetoric; our families deserve answers and a plan to move our schools forward. We must find a viable solution to the immediate fiscal crisis at CPS and address the chronic underfunding of education in Illinois.

At this point, the only responsible course of action is to drop the political posturing and have a collaborative dialogue about how to move our schools forward.