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State Rep. Ann Williams Supports Veto of Concealed Carry Legislation




July 3, 2013 State Rep. Ann Williams

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State Rep. Ann Williams supports veto

of concealed carry legislation

CHICAGO, IL – Today, State Rep. Ann Williams (D-Chicago) weighed in in support of Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto of HB 183, the concealed carry legislation.

“I voted ‘no’ on the original bill due to a number of serious flaws. However, the changes in the Governor’s veto message contain common sense improvements focused on keeping our communities safe,” said Williams. “I commend the Governor for making these positive changes.”

First, the bill as passed does not contain any restriction on carrying loaded weapons in places where alcohol is served, such as restaurants. It only limits the carrying of guns in bars where 50 percent of the revenue from alcohol. The AV would ban the carrying of loaded weapons into any establishment that sells alcohol, including restaurants – a provision that already passed the House in a prior version of the bill.

“Everyone knows that alcohol and guns don’t mix,” said Williams. “The distinction between a bar and restaurant makes no sense; whether a person is drinking in a bar or restaurant doesn’t matter – they shouldn’t have a loaded weapon within reach.”

Additionally, the bill as passed contains an expansive home rule preemption with regard to gun regulation, and restricts the ability of municipalities to pass local ordinances to fit the needs of their particular communities with regard to public safety. The bill also repeals hundreds if not thousands of local laws already on the on the books regulating firearms. The AV would restore the ability of communities to make decisions regarding what ordinances are appropriate for their individual needs.

“Local communities should be able to decide for themselves if they wish to limit assault weapons, for example, or pass other laws to protect their own residents,” she stated. “And no one really knows how many current laws will be rendered void as a result of the passage of this bill.”

Also, the bill as passed provides for a permit holder to carry an unlimited amount of loaded weapons and ammunition on their person. The Governor’s AV limits this to one gun, and one 10-round clip.

“The idea that a person with minimal training should be able to walk around with unlimited fire power flies in the face of common sense and reason,” said Williams. “My constituents want to walk down the street, enjoy the local coffee shop and spend time in the community without worrying if the person next to them has a full arsenal of deadly weapons on their person.”

“At the end of the day, Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto strikes a balance by providing reasonable and common sense parameters to the Court’s mandate to permit citizens to carry guns in public,” Williams said. “We just want to make sure they do so as safety as possible.”

“I will be voting against any attempt to override this veto and applaud the Governor’s efforts,” she said.