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Ann has made our neighborhood school community a top priority. We are committed to helping in any way we can enhance the educational opportunities of the students and strengthening the quality of our schools.

CPS Budget Cuts

In 2013, Ann was a strong advocate against the significant cuts to our schools. Unfortunately, the financial problems at CPS continue and appear to be worse than ever. This continual crisis mode seems to have become the new normal. It is unacceptable for a world class city like Chicago to operate in this manner, chronically underfunding our schools and shortchanging our children.

While there is no quick and easy fix, Ann believes there are solutions. First and foremost, we need a cohesive long term plan to address the chronic funding shortfall.

As a state legislator, Ann is willing to do her part to explore solutions which maximize the funds going to the classroom, create stability in the system overall, provide for equitable educational opportunities for children across the City and State, and reduce our reliance on property taxes to fund schools. We cannot simply repeat the mistakes of the past by failing to meet our financial obligations by postponing pension payments and continuing the cycle of cuts.

Neighborhood School Advocacy Council

Our office is in the process of organizing a group of parents and community members to provide insight and perspective on the many challenges facing CPS and education issues generally.

Supporting the neighborhood schools is a top priority for Ann, and this group will be comprised of representatives from each of our local neighborhood schools, as well as others in the community in order to elicit feedback and find ways we can work together to advance our schools.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact my office at or 773-880-9082.