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SB 0010 – Marriage Equality for All

Public Act 098-0597

Following years of hard work, the Illinois General Assembly finally passed SB 0010, making marriage possible for all Illinoisans. It was a truly humbling moment to have the honor to press that green "yes" button and watch equal marriage rights become law.

I am proud to have had the opportunity to support the LGBTQ community in this historic triumph for equal rights and look forward to working on future issues of inequality to continue to improve our state for all Illinoisans.

SB 1894 – Property Tax Relief for Seniors

Public Act 098-0007

I was a supporter of SB 1894, which would provide much needed property tax relief to seniors. The law will create an increase in the Senior Homestead Exemption for seniors 65 and older, from $4,000 to $5,000.

Many of our seniors live on fixed incomes, with their homes being a major part of their total assets. By increasing the Senior Homestead Exemption we create more economic stability for Illinois’s seniors. This bill also provides relief for other homeowners, regardless of age, by increasing the general Homestead Exemption from $6,000 to $7,000.

HB 3128 – Restricting Parental Rights in Cases of Rape

Public Act 098-0476

This initiative provides that women who get pregnant and have children as a result of a rape can seek to restrict the custody and visitation rights of their attackers. Previous to this bill, the State required a criminal conviction in order to restrict custody and visitation in such rape cases, which was especially problematic when criminal convictions are obtained in less than 5 percent of all rape cases.

In working across the aisle on this legislation, we were able to pass a bipartisan supported law so that no woman in Illinois would ever again be forced to fight their attacker for custody in court.

HB 2675 – Age Appropriate Sex-Ed

Public Act 098-0441

I am a strong believer that sexual education courses in our schools must remain up-to-date with the current medical science. This is why I supported and co-sponsored HB 2675, a bill that would help to ensure that our students have medically accurate information to make informed decisions, which may have long-term, lasting impacts on their sexual health.

It is not responsible to assume that Illinois’s youth will always be able to make correct sexual decisions without guidance, and this initiative will help to ensure that our children are both informed and safe.