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HB 5434 Ending Debtor's Prisons

Public Act 097-0848

This bill was passed as a measure to prevent the abuses that some courts had been using against citizens with unpaid debt.

HB 5434 ends the practice of throwing residents into jail with unpaid debt without notice, prohibits the consideration of exempt income (disability, social security, etc.) from being considered when documenting the ability to pay and institutes a number of other reforms to ensure the fair treatment of all parties when collecting debts through the courts.

HB 3810 Abolishing the General Assembly Scholarship Program

Public Act 097-0772

This initiative put an end the infamous General Assembly Scholarship Program, which had become a lightning rod for political favoritism. While I remain a strong supporter of opportunities for students to pursue higher education, I have never felt that a legislative office is the right venue to assess the needs and merit of students seeking financial assistance.

By eliminating the General Assembly Scholarship Program, we made a conscious decision as a legislative body to take a stand against politics in higher education scholarship and to support student merit.

HB 4085 and HB 4117 Stopping Anti-Choice Legislation

Representing the citizens of Illinois doesn't always mean passing legislation; sometimes it involves preventing harmful bills.

Both HB 4085 and HB 4117 sought to restrict Illinois women's right to choice, and I was happy to join many of my colleagues in preventing these bills from passing into law. I believe that equality is at the heart of good governance, and as your legislator I will continue to fight against any and all measures that go against women's rights.